Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gardens I still need to see in Paris

It was late June 2012 and raining hard.  We weren't all that far into the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.  My friend from childhood, Linda Jackson "Charley" Carter  and I had just exited a wonderful small museum she had found out about.  Our plan was to head to the Parc de Bagatelle, a beautiful garden known for its iris and roses, on the far side of the Bois.

The problem was, as good as the Metro system is in Paris, there was no easy route to where we wanted to go.  Also, as much as I wanted to see and photograph the garden, the circumstances were far from ideal.  Also, if we tried to walk the distance - possible,  but a stretch on even the prettiest day - we wouldn't have much time before we had to figure out how to get all the way back to the Ile St. Louis to meet my daughter at our apartment.

So, another visit to Paris, and I didn't get to see the Bagatelle.  I had actually been there when I was 22, but I wasn't paying attention to gardens at that age.

On our last night in Paris, we had dinner with my longtime friends Carol and Luc Tessier.  Carol has a garden jam-packed with wonderful perennials, shrubs, vines and trees.  She offered to send me photographs of the Bagatelle she had taken at peak iris and rose time (shown above).

My friend Charley already has an apartment reserved for next May to celebrate her daughter's 40th birthday.  It will be a while, I'm sure, before I get back to Paris.  Next time, the first item on my agenda will be a visit to the Bagatelle.

The events of last Friday are still fresh on my mind.  I could go to Paris every year for the rest of my life and not get to see everything on my list.  Things seem so dark and gloomy right now given what happened,  but I feel sure the sidewalk cafes will be packed again on beautiful evenings, the lights from the historic buildings will shimmer on the Seine as the bateaux mouches glide along and its many gardens will bloom again, as they have for hundreds of years.