Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ready for beauty from out of the gloom

Where have I been for a month that I could not sit down to write?  The answer is "nowhere."  And, it's not as if the muse has left me completely.  It all has to do with how I manage my time, my bad habits (procrastination being at the top of the list), visitors from out of town (spent an entire week trying to make the house seem cleaner; finished right before they walked in the door).  Then, my spare time on decent days, I tried to get out to see Margaret Moseley, who is now bedridden, I'm sad to say.  Throw in five whole days of going through 28,000+ unlabeled (for the most part) photographs to make up a new Power Point presentation for a garden club, and...well, I'm wasting time with excuses.

Oh, wait a moment.  I do have a daughter's wedding coming up two months from tomorrow.  That takes a lot more time than I'd counted on.

But, that's it.  It's a beautiful, actually hot day, and I did just get a bit of shaping done of the wild-looking boxwoods on my terrace.  And, after I write this, I'm going out to inspect the soil in an area where I'm going to move some camellias.  After the winter wind and sun blasted three of them (the two red ones did fine), I've got to give some protection to the light pink and white ones I bought a couple of years ago.  They're in the wrong place - too exposed to harsh elements.

Then, there is the matter of the bearded iris I didn't move last August when I should have.  They are pot-bound, and I don't expect much this year.  But, at least I can free them from the confines of their root prison (I've moved bearded iris before at the wrong time, and they did fine).

And, one other chore.  There is an abandoned property where there are more bearded iris.  They need dividing.  After two attempts to contact the owner, who, I think, lives half-way around the world, I think I'm going to dig half of each clump, leaving the main part intact.  So much Vinca major has grown up around them that they're hard to see.  I've been going up there and pulling English ivy off the beautiful old trees.  I can't stand seeing them being devoured by a thug.  I have to get this done now, as I don't want to encounter any snakes.  There are too many excellent hiding places up there.

I'm rambling here.  It's been so wet and gloomy that I haven't had the gumption to get much done.  So, on a day like today, when there are so many choices, I'm spinning around, trying to figure out what to do next.

I offer above a scene from Liz Tedder's multi-acre garden near my hometown.  These are some Japanese iris in her potager.  If you look closely, you'll see I had my camera sticking through a fence.  The edges are just visible.

On the subject of this photograph, I first wrote down that these were Siberian iris.  Then, it dawned on me that I took this picture on May 31, 2014, which means that it was too late for Siberians and just right for Japanese (Iris ensata).  I must really be getting rusty!  Plus, look at the size of the bloom and the height.  Somehow the perspective threw me.

Since I'm already rambling, I can't help but look at this beautiful potager without a bit of envy - full sun, flat, even ground, soil so rich and loose you can reach down to your elbow (the Tedders go around Newnan every fall and pick up leaves and grind them for the garden).  And the amount of work -it's full time, every day, every season.

I have to be realistic and work with what I have.  But, I can do better, and now that the weather is looking up, I'm going to get these immediate chores done and then have some fun creating another garden spot or two.  After all the cold, rainy days, just the thought of all this makes my heart beat faster.