Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stopped by glowing colors

I've gotten much better about stopping on streets to look at trees or flowers or shrubs.  It used to be that I would go around a block several times to see something extraordinary if I had no place to park. It's a wonder I never had a wreck rubber-necking (not looking at wrecks, but flowers).

On Sunday as I was heading home from church, I passed these trees, and because my street is not very busy, I pulled over, backed up and got out.  Every week I take my camera to church to record the flowers, so I thought I might as well capture these colors.  They were absolutely blinding on a very gray day.

A lot of the original houses on my sparsely populated street (it dead ends into an estate overlooking the Chattahoochee River) have been replaced by newer, bigger houses.  The woman who lives here was on the street when I moved here in 1973.  Her home looks modern with a Japanese feel, although I've never been inside.  I've only talked to her a couple of times on the phone (our neighborhood is so spread out; I can hardly see another house from mine, even in the winter).

Anyway, I do recall now that these Japanese maples have caught my eye before.  On Sunday, I needed some "brightening up", so this did the trick.  The owner never knew I stopped and walked up  her driveway.  I don't often do things like that, but I figured if she had something this eye-catching, she wouldn't mind if I shared the beauty with others.