Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Will I go away again?

Well, here I am again, lost in a techno-world where something should be so simple, but it's ever so complicated.

If you were a previous follower of this blog when the domain name was, you know that one day three years ago, the blog just vanished, and another one came in its place.  No one had a clue where I was.

It turns out that a warning had been sent to me that the name was about to expire, and I needed to renew.  That was on my gmail account, which I never bothered to check.

So that I wouldn't make the same mistake again, I signed up to be warned through my regular e-mail, as well.  That didn't happen, so I checked my gmail account in early May.  There, it said my credit card would expire May 31 and to give them the new information.  It said to just click on a link to update.  Well, I did, and that led right back to the same place to sign in.  I did this over and over again.

Then, I brought my younger daughter in to help me.  She thought she had it fixed.  This morning I checked my gmail account and found the message that I was about to lose my blog because my credit card needed to be updated.  If it is not fixed, then this blog domain name will expire on July 10.  This morning, after two hours of going round and round (there's no telephone number for Google), I can't even get close.  The same sign-in page comes up.  I sign in, and it tells me to sign in again.  Like Ground Hog Day.

I am to talk to someone tomorrow (a tech guy) who is going to try to help me.  How can something so simple be so complicated?

Anyway, I did want to put up a picture today, once again of Louise Poer's garden.  I wish I could just go sit on that bench and think about pretty gardens instead of this Google thing, or the septic tank field (another story) that needs to be replaced and threatens my future economically, my broken dryer and the microwave that quit working last week, plus a few other minor problems.

Let me assure you that compared to life-threatening illnesses and terrible tragedies and losses, these frustrations don't even register.  They can be fixed.

But, I did want to warn you that if the guy can't help me and this blog disappears, I will buy another name in advance and let you know before July 10 what it will be.

Thank you so much for following this blog, and if you know anyone at Google, please tell them to have a telephone number where one can at least get some help.  I've posted all over the complaint places, and someone tried to help me, but I ended up right back in the same place - nowhere.