Sunday, December 14, 2014

'Yuletide' is a gift in the garden

A couple of years ago, I had grieved when Margaret Moseley cut down a perfectly healthy 'Yuletide' sasanqua.  She had it paired with a sourwood she planted about the same time, knowing that the leaves of the tree would echo the color of the blooms.  She cut them both down because they were threatening the view of another favorite camellia, which is in her iron bird bath garden (one of many, many groupings she's changed over the years).

Last week, I understood about the 'Yuletide.'  She had told me she had another one, and I couldn't believe how it had grown.  I took a photograph of the entire plant (surely, there must be two planted together), as the red blooms with yellow stamens seemed to extend to some twenty feet wide.  The sasanqua had grown to about 15 feet tall.  There is definitely something in Margaret's soil that makes things grow bigger and better than elsewhere.

A friend of mine has these espaliered against a wall.  I need to ask him if they are in bloom.  Margaret's have been going for at least a month, and on December 4th, it looked as if a giant had dropped another crop of sasanqua blooms all over her garden.

Camellia sasanqua 'Yuletide'

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