Friday, February 1, 2013

If there could be some roses

After agonizing for way too long, I finally put in my order to Roses Unlimited in Laurens, S.C.  Pat Henry has been offering own root roses for at least two decades.  I don't remember the year, but we did an episode on her garden for A Gardener's Diary on Home & Garden Television where she gave a lot of good information on growing roses, no matter where you live.

The important thing is that I now have sun.  For forty years, I've lived under the shadow of huge oak trees (and hickories, beeches, etc.).  A mini-tornado, straight line winds and old age finally cleared the way for all day sun in a few spots on the property.  One is right outside the window of my den.  A white oak dropped a forty foot long limb one day, and that was it.  The canopy of the mighty tree hung mostly over my slate roof.  The City of Atlanta arborist came and said the tree needed to be removed.  It had been saved at the last minute when we built our house 30 years ago, eliminating a carport.  I hated to see it go, although the tree had noisily rained acorns down on my roof every fall, and once a fierce wind sent a branch like a missile straight into what used to be my office upstairs.

In addition, the tree cut down vastly on my air-conditioning bill in summer.  As soon as it was gone, the ivy that held a steep bank across the driveway fried in the all-day sun.  I still have to figure out what to do about that situation.

But now, I'll get to have a climbing rose.  What I wanted was an English rose like the one pictured above.  This is in Margaret Moseley's garden, and I don't have it identified in my iPhotos.  I do have notes from Margaret that will tell me, but this one is a shrub rose and not a true climber.

Anyway, I'm taking a chance on a couple of other newly opened up spots and have ordered several roses.  I'm hoping I can have a deer fence up by the time the plants put out new growth.

So, here's my order:  1 Mystic Beauty (shrub - a must have, according to Pat); 1 Climbing Souvenir de la Malmaison; 1 Climbing Bantry Bay;  2  Climbing Gruss an Aachen (to grow in containers on my terrace); 1 The Pilgrim;  1 Climbing Iceberg.

I am so excited.  Oh, and about the title of this post.  My friend Margaret's mother loved the song "My Heart Reminds Me".  There was a line, "If there could be no roses", so that's the odd reference.  If you have iTunes, you can listen to the romantic (and very melodramatic) song by Kay Starr.