Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunny view for a gloomy day

Yesterday was one of those days when I couldn't seem to get my chin up off the floor (oops, two prepositions together, but seems like I need them both).

First, I woke up too early, and when I finally got up, it was dark and foggy outside.  My flashlight was barely working (reminder:  put flashlight on my list, along with light bulbs), so I was stumbling up to the mailbox (a long trek).

Then, I started my annual anxiety attack over getting a Christmas tree.  There's a reason for the latter.  Every year, my late husband and I would go to pick out a tree.  I wanted to see lots of options, but he hated having to unwrap and hold up trees for me.  His max was three, and then it got unpleasant.

The Christmas after he died in June, I went to the same big box store.  When I walked into the Christmas tree section, I burst into tears.  It felt so lonely, and now I had no grouchy person to show me even one tree.

Late yesterday afternoon, I set out for the store.  It was drizzling when I arrived.  A nice worker offered to hold up a tree for me.  I wanted to see more, and he said, "No problem."  Then, it started pouring rain.  I had a raincoat, but he didn't.  I kept apologizing, but he assured me he was mine until I found the right tree.  I spotted what I thought was a good one, all tied up and lying behind a couple of others.  With the calmest attitude, he grabbed the heavy tree and stood it up for me.  It was perfect.

I must say that I am so lucky that I can buy a real tree.  And, I have the grower of the green pumpkins (see the day after Thanksgiving's post) who will put it up for me on Saturday.  This is now a pleasant experience.  My husband and I had to call in a third person to referee our getting it in the stand in the living room.

Today was another foggy, gloomy day.  No rain, but very damp all day.  I was in a much better mood, but I still wanted to look at some bright sunshine and another scene besides the bare branches and the last of the leaves (mostly oaks) smashed on the driveway.

The day I took this picture, it was bright and sunny.  I was in this garden at noon, the very worst time to take a photograph.  Still, the overexposure helps me in this dreary weather, although having that Christmas tree here safe and sound and without a tear shed made it a pretty good day anyway.

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