Thursday, September 26, 2013

What can be done in late September?

Here in Georgia, leaves are beginning to fall - not the pretty colored ones, but the crispy brown ones, at least at my house.  I went to a home yesterday where the gardener depends on spring and summer flowers entirely.  There was very little green to back anything up.  Of course, things would have looked better if the owner had time to keep everything dead-headed, but that's hard to do this time of year when so many spent plants need attention.

The garden above is definitely high maintenance.  Boxwoods need to be clipped, and come autumn, the leaves have to be removed that have fallen. Pruning is a must, because the space is small, and good air circulation is a must.

I happened to catch this scene just after a garden helper had come.  There's not so much as a flower in sight, but the different textures and leaf sizes make it interesting.  The blue gate, too, adds some pizzazz.

This gardener has fun with her small backyard and is constantly moving and changing things around.  One thing that is constant is her use of boxwoods, hostas, ferns, cast iron plant and and various climbers.  She uses variegated plants to echo each other, like the variegated boxwood in the foreground and the gray and cream-edged pittosporum over to the left.

Every time I go to this garden, I get inspired and come away feeling like I want to copy everything she has done.  Maybe someday I'll have more time to devote to keeping such a garden.  This one gives the homeowner so much pleasure and fun and pride.  I'd like to have some of that myself.

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  1. I just wish I had the kind of soil that would grow all that.