Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The roses are here

The roses I ordered for my new garden arches were to be shipped yesterday.  While I was sitting on the front stoop just now getting bad news about a 50-year-old septic tank, my UPS guy drove up.  At first I was disappointed.  It looked like my daughter had ordered more shoes (and she had).

But, I just went back in to look at the boxes, and the roses have arrived.  Not that this is making me feel any better about the expensive septic tank nightmare, but at least I'll have something to look forward to now besides next month's credit card bill.

One thing has changed from my original order.  The climber 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' was not available after all.  So, I'm taking a chance on, of all things, a hybrid tea rose called 'Amy Johnson'.  It's an Australian rose dating from 1931.  All the information I could find on it says that it is large, semi-double,  medium pink and is very fragrant.  Pat Henry, owner of RosesUnlimited, e-mailed to tell me about the Cl. Souvenir and said she liked 'Amy Johnson' very much.  Its drawback? Very thorny.

The rose should be far enough away from the gravel walk so that no one can brush up against the canes.  And, I hope I'm satisfied with the flower, because moving a thorny rose (I've still got scars from transplanting 'New Dawn') is not something I want to do again.

The above flower is not 'Amy'.  This is a rose (maybe a David Austin?) in Margaret Moseley's garden.   But, I'm hoping 'Amy Johnson' will be about the same color - dark enough to show against the stucco (although I'm going to espalier a Camellia sasanqua on the same wall a few feet away to add an evergreen companion), but still a nice, medium pink.

So, here I go to open the box.  The soil is ready, although I need to get a trellis to attach to the wall.  'Amy' will climb from 12-15 feet, so I'll need to figure out something pretty tall.  The other roses are all climbers, and the iron arches are set and ready for the plants.

One way to drown your septic tank sorrows, I guess, is to plant roses.  I can't think of anything else better to do.  I believe the roses arrived at just the right time.

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