Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The last gasp in the fall garden?

I think I made it down to Chattahoochee Hills just in time.  Tonight they're predicting heavy frost, although in some areas, in fact, not even a mile away as the crow flies, vegetables and flowers have already been killed.  I'm referring to our farm, where all the late squash, beans and tomatoes are gone, hit by near-freezing temperatures two weeks ago.

The chrysanthemums in this photograph, taken two days ago, might look different tomorrow morning.  It's pretty certain, according to the TV weather report, that the skies will clear in time for frost to form.  However, these particular flowers might pull through.  We'll see.

In yesterday's post on this blog, I wrote about Vosco Angelov's collection of chrysanthemums.  Here is a flower that either is a sport (do chrysanthemums produce sports, like woody plants?) or a cross with a similar variety.  At any rate, there's a flower nearby that was the original.  The markings on this one are different, so Vosco is calling it Chrysanthemum 'Candy Paper'.

Vosco wasn't there when I visited the garden, but Carl pointed out that Vosco's translation (he is from Bulgaria) should probably be "candy wrapper".   Carl and I both agreed, though, that 'Candy Paper' has a lot more personality, appropriate to such a showy flower.

Later in the week, the weather is supposed to turn unseasonably warm.  Maybe Vosco's flowers will make it through tonight's cold snap.  Whatever happens, I'm glad I got to see his chrysanthemums.  They were spectacular, and I'll be putting up more pictures as time goes on.