Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A cherished ornament changes with the seasons

When Margaret Moseley's dear friend Phyllis McGuinn moved from Atlanta to Florida years ago, she gave Margaret one of her prized possessions - a rusty iron birdbath.  I don't know how many times I've photographed this charming ornament, but through the seasons, Margaret has managed to give it a different look.  I shouldn't be surprised, because she has constantly moved plants and experimented as long as she's had her garden.

One year, Margaret planted copper iris, which echoed the exact color of the rust.  Another spring, I caught an angle which showed the new copper hued growth of autumn fern.  My latest photograph shows a mass of light peach colored Iris 'Beverly Sills' growing up around the base.

The blue scilla photographed from this angle may be my favorite of all.  I like this scene, too, because it shows how Margaret has configured her beds, all lined informally with rocks.

Margaret once told Steve Bender of Southern Living that she could name just about every friend she's had by looking out at her garden. Phyllis did move back to Atlanta ("She didn't ask for her birdbath back," laughs Margaret), but only recently returned to Florida for good.  Her cherished friend is never far away, though.  Margaret can look out the window and see the two delightful birds perched amid the flowers, reminding her daily of her friend and her very thoughtful gift.