Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finally caught the peak

I can't tell you how many years I've been driving by this tree in my neighborhood.  Every fall when it would explode into a mass of orange beauty, I'd say, "I've got to go home and get my camera."  Then I never would.

On Sunday, when I was rushing home from church, I screeched to a halt.  I had my camera with me, and even though I didn't have time to stop (had to go to a meeting an hour away and was already late), I knew I might not have this chance again.

I was lucky that only a few cars came by.  This was the second time in as many weeks that I found myself parked on the side of the road, trying to get up close to plants (I saw some bittersweet that I thought needed thinning out, so I helped with that;  it was for a good cause - decorations at the church).

This dissectum Japanese maple sits beneath a taller red one with palmate leaves.  The latter has thinned out some, and I'm sorry I didn't take a photograph years ago when the two colors were closer together and even more spectacular.

But, I'm trying hard not to say "I should have".  It's a terrible habit of mine, not to grab the moment and then be filled with regret over a lost opportunity.  So many times I've seen plants and vowed to come back and get a picture, but just didn't do it.  I'm happy I captured this one.  Now, if I can catch the magnificent ginkgo tree at the intersection of Northside Drive and Blackland road at its peak (any day now) and before the leaves all fall, I will have actually accomplished two long-time goals this year.

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  1. We do need to slow down a bit, don't we! It was well worth being late for your meeting..although I do appreciate promptness.