Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bill, your garden captures my heart

My heart is beating fast as I write this.  I went to Bill Hudgins' garden last Saturday and about went crazy.  Everything was so beautiful.  If you were around last year, you will remember that he has hundreds of Japanese maples planted throughout his expansive garden.  I've forgotten how many acres there are - too many for someone who didn't charge her camera battery before she left home.  I've got to call Bill to say I have to come back, so I'll get his latest acre count and capture some scenes I missed.  I feel like I didn't even scratch the surface of this phenomenal garden.

This picture I've chosen has only one Japanese maple (the one in the urn on the right).  That tree hadn't turned, but suffice it to say that my friend Joy Dance and I were blinded by the colors which you'll get to see in future posts.  By using this photograph (with all its sun-splotched flaws) as an introduction, I wanted to illustrate how many areas there are that are beautiful, even without the colorful maples.  Here you see a (tame - unlike my place) wisteria with its yellow leaves, the green boxwoods, the gravel path, the stone, and of course, the amazing urns - an altogether wonderful composition.

Bill's garden has at least an acre of new paths and plantings, so when you arrive at his garden, it's hard to know where to begin.  Actually, I knew where to end when my battery finally made my camera go dark, but Joy and I were flying around, uphill and down, sometimes following the creek or exploring   paths I'd never seen before.  Still, we didn't get to see it all.

Last year, I mentioned that Bill has added many Japanese elements to his garden.  I thought I wouldn't like this change, but everything he's done is stunning.  Stay tuned for some Japanese maple color and  more scenes created by one of the most accomplished, but also one of the most humble, gardeners I know.

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