Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Roses still hanging on at Giverny

Lest you think this is in Monet's garden, I have to say that it's not.  It was so crowded in there, it was tough to get good shots.  Plus, for some reason, I sort of panicked.  I do have some photos that are worth sharing, but I liked this one that's in the village of Giverny, just up the road from Monet's house and garden.

I had previously heard from my friend Carol that I would be too late to see any roses.  But, the weather has been cold and rainy this spring (since I arrived last Thursday, we've had alternating sunny and what I call "set-in" rainy days).  If this pattern continues, tomorrow should be a nice day.  I'm going early to the Jardin des Plantes, which isn't too far away.  Then, my daughter arrives from New York around noon.  She may be tired and might choose to rest (I know one shouldn't do this; she should stay awake).  We have reservations at a bistro at 9:30 p.m., so we'll see who falls asleep at the table first.

Anyway, I still want to go to the Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne in case there are any roses left there.  I also need to get to the Parc Monceau.  I can usually depend on some lovely flowers there.

One interesting thing today:  We came across the biggest fig tree (with limbs the size of trees) in the Marais on our way to the Place des Vosges.  I looked and saw more fig trees and then noticed the name of the street - Rue Figuier or something like that.  I need to check that spelling.

Back to the roses at Giverny.  This was in the side garden of a house there.  I only recognized one rose in the garden ('Graham Stuart Thomas' - the color gives it away), and it's not in the picture.  Still, I loved the way the gardener had planted with abandon - quite a lovely scene.


  1. We were the 1st vehicle in the lot for Monet.

    Worth every bit of getting up early.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

    PS. been doing climbing roses in crape myrtles ever since Monet. It was a fruit tree with cl. ?

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  3. As you are in France I was surprised to see your blog is still living - how organised!!! Now I know exactly what you've been doing for the last few days and am looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Luxembourg gardens are good too and the André Citroen Park is interesting. Unfortunately our roses are over.
    See you soon.