Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is this berry any good?

Yesterday, I forgot to publish the post I'd written.  So, I thought today I'd put in a series showing the wildlife I encounter around my house.  Just this morning, there were two hawks screeching overhead, and the smaller birds were putting up a terrible fuss.

I live in the middle of four acres of woodland in the city of Atlanta.  I've seen a lot of wildlife here, the most surprising being a wolf.  Yes, a wolf.  One night when we still lived in the little 1926 cottage at the back of the property, my husband and I were going out for the evening.  We'd left our new puppy on the deck.

Just as we were about a hundred feet from the street, we stopped.  There was a wolf standing in the middle of the driveway.  My husband said, no way, that's a German shepherd.  "Look how tall it is.  It's a wolf," I cried.  We drove on, and it ran off into the bamboo grove.  I made my husband turn around, and we put the puppy in the house.

A couple of days later, I read in the paper that Congressman Larry McDonald was missing a wolf.  His mother lived directly behind us.  We weren't the only ones who had spotted the wolf.  Others saw it, and finally someone was able to capture and return the creature to its owner.  Tragically, much later, Congressman McDonald died on the Korean flight that drifted into Soviet airspace and was shot down.

Now, to the happier photo above.  I have a bluebird box on the deck at the little house.  Here's a papa bluebird, sitting on a nearby bench, contemplating the berry he's gathered.  Possibly food for the little ones?

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