Thursday, February 9, 2012

An idea for a patch of woods

I've just come in from tromping though the woods, following deer trails to see if anyone has shed a rack. At the Home Depot where a sales associate gave me a great and less expensive idea for a deer fence, I found out that this is the time of year the bucks get rid of last year's antlers (is that the proper word?).  Last year, my around-the-corner neighbors Kathryn and Dan MacDougald, found a nice pair a few steps from their house.  I had to let Kathryn know of my resentment, as I didn't feel the deer at her house had eaten as much as they had here.

Anyway, as I was tromping through the woods (I did this last year to no avail), I started thinking how fun it would be to have at least one good, wide path where I could walk along and enjoy the spring ephemerals.  Not that I have many here, but there are trilliums and tiny white anemones and one, yes one, bloodroot plant that I know of.  But, if I cleaned out some of the ivy and raked some clear spaces, I bet more would spring up.

I took this photograph in an Atlanta garden that covers several acres.  I love the idea of walking along and then coming upon this rustic tunnel.  I'm thinking that this one is made of black locust (the posts) and rhododendron (the twisted parts).  The iron arches give it stability and make it look like it would last a while.  Maybe when my ship comes in, I'll have one built.  I'm going out again tomorrow to look for antlers, and I'll keep my eye out for the perfect spot for one of these charming garden structures.


  1. Martha, Words can't express how much I enjoy seeing your garden photo of the day! I'm planning a shady walkway on the side of my house and you are definitely inspiring me!Susan (essuzy on twitter)

  2. Thank you so much, Susan. I have some stone piled up and hope to do one on the north side of my house. I have it outlined in boxwoods and have sand and large stepping stones, but I've got this idea for stone pillars and some sort of cross pieces on top. One can only dream, but I do hope to get this done sometime this year. Best of luck with your project, and again, much appreciation for the kind comment. All best,

  3. Martha - I just shared this photo on my Facebook page, 'Serenity in the Garden blog':

    Such a wonderful blog you write! Thank You.