Friday, July 8, 2011

July flowers in the house of Shabby Sheets

Here's a bouquet I picked in July of last year ('Casa Blanca' lilies, orange crocosmia, faded 'Annabelle' hydrangeas and purple garden phlox).  As I said, there won't be any Casa Blancas this year, although there are a couple of blooms lying flat on the ground.  I should pick them; maybe I will tomorrow.  I also spotted some orange blooms over where the crocosmia is planted.  I'm surprised the deer haven't chomped off the flowers.  I guess they're too busy with the zinnias, which they seem to munch on nightly.  

Miraculously, some of the purple phlox survived both the deer and the smashing of the oak tree on the house on June 18.  I've already picked the faded-to-green 'Annabelle' hydrangea blooms this year.  They are drying nicely.  I'll use them in a fall arrangement.

Years ago, before a pine tree fell on my summer border, my favorite July combination consisted of rubrum lilies, variegated leaf hydrangea, black-eyed Susans and white garden phlox 'Mt. Fuji'.  Those flowers are gone now, but I look forward to re-creating that combo again.

Oh, about the Shabby Sheets.  That's what I call my house (a play on Shabby Chic, a line of linens and furniture).  All the furniture is slipcovered in white, but because of the dogs, I put sheets over all the sofas and chairs.  I need lots of flowers in the house at all times to camouflage the flaws.