Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunlit orange without the ghost

During the month of November last year, I had the above photograph as the wallpaper on my computer.  If you click on the picture twice, it should become full screen so you can see what it looks like even larger.

This photograph was taken in Bill Hudgins' gorgeous big garden where he has skillfully mixed hundreds of Japanese maples into a woodland setting.  On the day I took this picture, the sky was overcast.  But,  for a few minutes, the sun came out and shone on this Japanese maple with finely cut leaves.  I have another view of the same sunlit orange foliage, but the scene is marred by my distorted shadow, a ghostly dark image on the left side of an otherwise stunning photograph.  

But this is a good color for this Halloween day.  Bill's maples are usually at their most colorful a little later, but I've noticed that all of a sudden, the sourwoods, dogwoods and hickories in my neighborhood are brilliant.  Even the beeches are beginning to turn.  

I need to call Bill to see if he can estimate when I might come and take more photographs of his Japanese maples.  This time, I'll make sure that I'm out of the picture.   

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