Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A bridge from below

When I first used this photograph in a column in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, I  referenced the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  It was at the height of the Iraq War, and I could scarcely believe that what once must have been a magnificent ancient site had existed in about the same place as 21st Century, war-torn Baghdad.

I love the plantings on this bridge at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  I frankly cannot tell, even at full screen, what is planted on the iron trellis, nor what the yellow annual is (lantana, perhaps?).  I do know that the hanging vines are Virginia creeper.

The day I took this photograph, I didn't climb up and walk across to the children's garden.  I was content just to see the graceful curve of the bridge and the beauty of the vines and flowers from below.

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