Friday, July 15, 2011

So many places to sit, so little time

Back in the Alabama garden.  You walk along a narrow, straight path bordered by hydrangeas and ferns and shaded by a canopy of trees.  All of a sudden, you come upon a clearing, and there's a bench or some chairs and always rocks and flowers.  Just knowing the dynamo who created all this, I can't picture him sitting down for very long.

The garden is a labyrinthine system of the most wonderful paths - some paved, some gravel - that might lead up or down stone steps and take you to yet more benches of teak or stone with lovely views.  If only one had the time to sit and listen to a waterfall or contemplate a quiet pool or enjoy an expanse of green lawn surrounded by roses and lilies.  The world might seem like a different place, if only for a moment.

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