Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting from here to there

 The side of Miriam Napier's house was once an impenetrable scramble of undesirable shrubs and English ivy.  The latter was crawling up the walls, making matters even worse.  A chain link fence was the sole hardscape element.

"The only way you could get to the back yard was through the house," said Miriam.  

Always looking for an excuse to add more hydrangeas, Miriam transformed the disheveled, forbidding space on the side of the house into a garden on its own.  At the entrance to the back garden, she added a gate that allows a lovely view into the long side area.  Pavers set in an interesting pattern provide safe passage from the front of the house to the flower borders in the back garden.  

I like the idea of being able to walk all around a house.  Besides, if a passageway is all overgrown with English ivy and such, you never know what lies beneath. 

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