Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A tiny garden packed with ideas

Garden designer Louise Poer's walled garden runs along the back of her house and is probably not more than 16 feet wide, if that (I've never measured her garden - need to do that).  It boggles the mind what she has managed to cram into such a limited space.  A gravel path runs down the middle and is bordered on one side by clipped boxwood.  On the other side, she's packed shrubs, grasses, ground covers, ferns and flowers.  She does a lot of limbing up to provide space for more plants and to allow air to circulate.  You can walk into this garden at any time of year, and you are greeted by a variety of textures and shades of green.  Amazingly, blue birds nest every year, even though this is anything but a wide open space.  Note the bear sitting contentedly along the path.

I have many photos of details of this garden (she has all sorts of vignettes and ornaments and great ideas to copy), and I'll be adding them to the lineup.  Also, she constantly changes things, so I visit often to keep up.

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